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Buy Plastic Jars

For those who are looking for plastic jars, there are several options available. One option is to buy them in bulk. This can be a great way to get a good deal on the jars, and it also means that you won't have to worry about running out anytime soon. Another option is to buy a plastic jar wholesale. This can be a great way to get even more of a discount on the jars. And finally, you can buy clear plastic jars in individual quantities. So, no matter what your needs are, Citadel Packaging has an option that will work for you.

buy plastic jars

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Clear plastic jars are a great way to store things like spices, candy, or small parts. And because they're clear, it's easy to see what's inside. So if you're looking for an affordable and convenient way to store things, clear plastic jars are a great option.

At SKS, we understand the importance of finding the right plastic jar for your product. That's why we offer such a wide variety of plastic jars in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Whether you are looking for a small 10 ml size for a sample or a large 16 oz plastic jar for larger quantities, we have you covered. Our plastic jar index allows you to conveniently shop by color, material, style, or size. Choose from classic colors such as clear, white, and black, or choose from vibrant colors such as amber, blue, green, and purple. With so many options, you can be sure to find the perfect jar for your product.

Perfect for packaging and storage, this 32 oz. square PET plastic jar takes the bulk out of wholesale purchases. Continue to reap the benefits of buying in bulk while maximizing your productivity by repackaging your purchase into this smaller portion container for everyday use. Made out of PET plastic, you can rely on this container to keep your custom spice blends and baking ingredients dry, fresh, and ready to use at a moment's notice. Simply match the 89/400 finish on the neck with a compatible lid to complete your storage. This jar is also great for mixing and storing a variety of candy, chocolate, ice cream sprinkles, and nuts. Its clear construction makes for fast product identification and easily shows when your inventory is running low, while the square shape allows for a more efficient use of space. There are also indentations on the side that act as a handle and help with grip. Great for organizing your inventory, this lightweight 32 oz. container is also easy to transport through your busy kitchen. Besides snacks and spices, it's great for storing coffee beans, tea leaves, and pasta! Overall Dimensions: Length: 3 11/16" Width: 3 5/8" Height: 5 9/16" Capacity: 32 oz.

With a variety of sizes and lid options, our plastic containers can be used for just about anything! Keep small items together and organized whether it's beads and poms for craft projects or assorted stationery items for the office.

Say goodbye to endless rustling around in spare bins and drawers throughout the house trying to find specific craft essentials. Use our plastic mason jars and save the hassle of hours spent finding things for one project. Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, you can make sure all of your like items are together and handy when you start a new craft project.

Beyond craft storage, you can integrate any of these jars into your craft projects! Use your own embellishments and paint for seasonal arts and crafts projects from snow globes to Halloween projects, the possibilities are truly endless.

Need to up your home organization game? We get it. You can use plastic mason jars for a variety of storage needs. Store loose paper clips or pin tacks in smaller jars to keep them altogether and easy to access. Looking for an easy way to collect all of your spare change around the house? Add a jar to your desk and keep it all in one spot rather than finding random pennies and dimes throughout your home.Our plastic storage jars are perfect for kitchen organization, too! Whether it's storing wrapped candies, treat bags and other small items, you can keep them all in one spot you and your kids can pull from.

No matter how you use our plastic mason jars, from craft projects to organization, you're sure to find the best selection at the best price right here at Oriental Trading! Browse through our site for more storage and craft supplies!

The science supports this position. A 2008 comparison of glass and plastic baby food jars, for example, found that the glass jars produce between a quarter and a third more greenhouse gases than plastic jars. In fact, the plastic jars bested the glass in almost every category: They released fewer carcinogens into the air, sent fewer pollutants into waterways and required less acreage. A year later, an assessment of soft drink containers also found plastic superior to glass. (The study was funded by a plastics manufacturer, but the company that conducted the review is independent and widely respected.) The results were broadly similar to the baby food study, with glass producing approximately four times as much greenhouse gas as plastic.

Plastic packaging helps keep your product fresh. THC Label Solutions has many options available, from glass jars, glass pre roll tubes, and glass tinctures to help you meet regulation requirements. Call for more information.

8 Dram Push & Turn Reverse Cap Bottles (410 Bottles)Display up to 1 gram of cannabis flower in this stylish polypropylene plastic bottle, specifically designed to suit your needs. Includes a tightly sealing reverse cap to maintain freshness without...

(Lid Not Included)The Sana Ocean Jar 4 is ideal child-resistant packaging for flower, edibles, and topicals. Our 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic is pure HDPE (#2 recyclable).FEATURESIdeal for flower, edibles, & topicalsFits up to 7g of...

20 DRAM PET JarQty: 600 jars per caseColor: Gloss Black, Gloss White, Translucent ClearJars onlyCaps are sold separately Black PET jars hold 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 oz, 5-10 grams or 1 ounce of cannabis. The size jar you may want depends on the size...

10 DRAM PET JarQty: 800 jars per caseColor: Gloss BlackJars onlyCaps are sold separately Black PET jars hold 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 oz, 5-10 grams or 1 ounce of cannabis. The size jar you may want depends on the size and density of your buds. Child...

Brilliant for many reasons, these food storage containers are completely see-through (aside from the seal), stack easily and are perfect for taking on the go since they're light and sturdy. We microwaved spaghetti sauce to test stain resistance, and only faint marks were left behind compared to other plastic containers we tested. The set features a tight seal that snaps closed for extra protection but also provides ventilation when unsnapped, which made reheating a breeze. They come in an assortment of sets and sizes, and some containers come with removable dividers, which make meal prepping and lunch packing easy.

The Joseph Joseph Nest Storage containers are great if you're concerned about space. This line features nested containers and nested lids, so when you put them away, you only have to clear space for the largest-sized container. The lids snap onto the containers to create a tight seal, though we found leaking during our testing and wouldn't recommend them for liquids. Similar to other plastic containers we tested, these are prone to staining if used with highly pigmented foods. The larger sizes are great for batch cooking.

I didn't see the thin plastic thread running between one leaf on my pineapple and its tag when I put the pineapple in my shopping cart, when I checked out or when I unpacked groceries at home. It wasn't until I chopped off the top and tug on the tag that it hit me.

I had challenged myself to purchase a week's worth of food without bringing home any plastic in my grocery bag. That meant no jugs of juice, yogurt containers, plastic chip bags, plastic packages or even stickers on some produce.

Why did I do this? Because very few of the plastic packages and containers we use once get recycled. Because there's growing concern about the harmful health effects. Some research suggests that ingesting microplastics could disrupt hormone production or be associated with problems like asthma and learning disorders.

I chose a budget of $115.00 (roughly half-way between the average weekly grocery bill for a family of two in Massachusetts and the food stamp allotment for that same household). On a Saturday afternoon, I pulled into the parking lot of my local chain grocery store feeling reasonably plastic-aware, not ready for the butt-kicking I was about to get.

I started in the produce section, where I typically grab a plastic bag of organic baby carrots. They're off limits, as is pretty much every vegetable in the organic section. I found some beautifully bunched carrots among the non-organic produce. Then I saw the plastic tags hanging off their rubber bands. I spotted a dozen loose ones down by the produce shelf drain and scooped them up, sans bag.

I don't eat meat. But I headed to the meat counter to shop for one of my sons. Everything prepackaged was in plastic, but the man behind the glass kindly agreed to wrap two hamburger patties and some chicken, separately, in butcher paper. Together they were $21.62.

To avoid eating eggs every meal, I got some cans of beans and rice in a box. I wanted pasta, but the box had a cellophane window. (While cellophane is not technically plastic, as it's not derived from petroleum, I was still trying to avoid it because it's non-recyclable.) I chose a brand of spaghetti with the smallest window (1"x1"), telling myself that eating a lot of cabbage would earn me the right to this violation.

There were lots of options in glass bottles. After careful tapping, I found some with metal lids. But the bottles with metal lids all had a plastic seal, except for one brand of sesame oil and another of red wine vinegar. The vinegar label was peeling away at one corner. And that made me wonder: what are jar labels made of? You probably guessed: many are plastic. The sesame oil and rice wine vinegar went back on the shelf, as did jars of marinara, salsa and juice. 041b061a72


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