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At Merlin's curious head tilt, Arthur begins to read the note "destiny has become out of reach and the lines between good and evil have become blurred, now more than ever. To understand the pain he's been through you must watch the crystals and learn from the past. Do not worry about how much time passes as you watch, for in the crystal cave time is frozen so you shall not have been missed once you are returned back to your kingdom. -EM"

Merlin rolls his eyes at the seemingly cryptic message, though he'd already figured out that they'd been brought here to see something. Why bring them to the crystal caves other wise? It was a case of wondering what it was they were going to see that makes him nervous, the note had said something was wrong with destiny and they were to watch someone's past pain, but who's? He and Gaius share a nervous look, both thinking that it might possibly be his own past and who knows how far back the crystals would go to show said pained past.

It takes a few seconds for anything to become visible, but as soon as it clears up everyone but Merlin and Gaius make noises of confusion "merlin?" Some say in suprise "Merlin is who's painful past we're watching?" A few ask, Gwaine, Mordred and Gwen giving him looks of concern as to what they're going to see before they go back to paying attention once more. Merlin closes his eyes for a few seconds before settling down between Gaius and a strangely protective Mordred as they all watch him walk down a familiar path that runs along the back side of Camelots castle.

No one seems to notice as Arthur inches his way back until his back is resting against Merlin's knees, both in reassurance and to ensure the man is still there with them. The room is quiet as they watch Merlin Bob and weave around trees, all of them suprised at how agile Merlin is when he doesn't trip over tree roots or his own feet like he usually does, hell he even jumps over a downed tree at one point!

Arthur and Leon can't help but smile as they watch a much younger Merlin walk through the city gates, it's something both of them have a lot of pride about: seeing new people coming to visit their kingdom. None of them can hide their smiles when they see the awe on Merlin's face as he spins in a circle in the middle of the square, none of them have ever seen him look like this before "this was the first time I'd been in a city. First time I'd left Ealdor actually" Merlin says quietly, causing half the room to turn and face him in suprise.

They watch as Merlin's curiousity leads him to the castle courtyard where he notices a large crowd of people, the sight of it causes Hunith to gasp quietly and move towards her son as if trying to protect him from whatever's about to happen, shield him just a little longer from the harshness of the world as she had when he was but a babe.

They all notice as younger Merlin cocks his head in confusion as the late king continues "This man, Thomas James Collins, is adjudged guilty of conspiring to use enchantments and magic. And, pursuant to the laws of Camelot, I, Uther Pendragon, have decreed that such practices are banned on penalty of death. I pride myself as a fair and just king, but for the crime of sorcery, there is but one sentence I can pass." They watch as a man is dragged to his death, Hunith pulls Merlin closer towards her, a quiet whimper leaving her as she watches her son watch a fellow magic user die right in front of him.

Merlin can't help but flinch back against her protective hold as others slowly turn towards him "this is the first thing you saw?!" Elyan asks in shock as Merlin nods mutely, to everyone else's concern "I'd have turned around and gone back home" Gwaine mutters quietly as they watch Morgana, who had been stood at an open window high above the crowd close her eyes and turn away "that's Morgana?" Percival asks in suprise, as he's only seen her as she is now.

The room is in complete silence for a few seconds before a quiet "what the fuck" is heard, though no one is entirely sure who said it. Merlin slowly moves back between Gaius and Mordred, though stays close enough to his mother that it's comforting for the both of them. It isn't long before they are watching younger Merlin wander across the courtyard and into the castle "Where would I find Gaius, the- the court physician?" He asks, startling the Knights that had only been knighted recently "it's strange knowing you didn't always know the way" Percival mutters, making Gwaine chuckle and nod curiously.

The only ones that havnt reacted are Arthur, Merlin and Gaius. Though they hear the king muttering for Merlin to do something, to stop standing there like the startled stote that he is. Every single one of them freeze when they see Merlin's eyes go from sky blue to deep gold, no one dares to even breath as they watch as time slows and the bed moves beneath the physician.

Merlin used his knowledge to create various pieces of technology, including a computer interface that shifted him and his controversial research into another dimension, out of the watchful gaze of the ascended beings. There he engineered a weapon capable of wiping out even ascended beings, intending to use it on the Ori. The Sangraal crystal would power the device. (Merlin also carved a tablet with an Ancient cipher leading to Avalon, an item that eventually made its way off the planet and into the hands of an associate of Vala Mal Doran (perhaps Arlos), who she subsequently stole it from.)

The Ancients sent Morgan Le Fay to watch Merlin, and to stop him if he went too far. She eventually stopped him from completing his work, but instead of killing him secretly locked him away in stasis on another planet. There SG-1 found him, some 15 centuries later, and revived him. Merlin gave Daniel Jackson the knowledge to complete the anti-Ori weapon (even depositing part of himself in Daniel's subconscious) before dying.

A Hogwarts Legacy player was so bored waiting for the cutscenes during the Merlin Trials that they decided to count how much time it would take to watch all of them. The results have impressed the Hogwarts Legacy community and shown perhaps these scenes really do take too long.

Today, Redditor ChezKeetel answered a question that many impatient players had in mind: how long does it take to watch the animation of all 95 Merlin Trials? According to them, it takes 950 seconds, which is around 16 minutes of time that the players will never get back. As each animation takes around 10 seconds to play out, their math is right.

Do I really need to explain this? Colin Morgan and Bradley James had so much fun as Merlin and Arthur, and it shows. The relationship between the two characters only gets better as the show goes on. The bromance alone is worth watching for.

I unlocked the merlin robes in the avalanche stream, plus all the other twitch drops today and confirmed it says so on my drops inventory. I have all twitch drops in game besides the merlin robes. Did anyone get them? Am I missing something?Source 041b061a72


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