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Nero Micro Express And Burning Rom Free Download ((LINK))

i've been using nero for some time. i have a laptop and a desktop. i have used nero on all of them. i like it. i use the dvd authoring part, not the burning part. but the burning part is great. i use the video capture mode to record a video. i edit it, then i burn it as a dvd. i use nero for all of this and it works really well. and the dvd authoring works really well. but i don't like the fact that it installs itself as a virus and some of the things it does. when you use it, it goes to your taskbar and it's called nero. it's annoying. i think i'm going to switch to another product. it's too much of a hassle. i was going to switch to using dvd shrink, but i think it's too much of a hassle. i like nero, i just don't like the fact that it keeps naggy and scary popping up. it's a hassle and it's an annoyance. i don't like that i have to remove it from the taskbar. it's just too much of a hassle.

Nero Micro Express and Burning Rom free download

Download Zip:

why is nero still around? its interface sucks and its lack of modularity makes it slow. i just downloaded infrarecorder and its just as streamlined as nero, but its interface is much more friendly. it has a wizard for setting up and is extremely fast. my burning times are also about the same as nero. nero has a great interface for burning discs, but it is so slow. i also have nero's 'lite' version which works perfectly for dvd ripping and burning - i just have to rip the dvd first then use nero's built in dvd burning tool. the only way to install infrarecorder is to do so via the.exe installer. once installed, the app is the exact same as nero's 'lite' version of burning, but it's much, much faster. it also has a setup wizard for importing and exporting of presets, settings, and what not.


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